Stacy Cruz

Stacy Cruz’s Birthday lies on March 24, 1999. She was born in the United States of America and is a current resident of the same. Stacy Cruz’s Age is currently 21 years. She will be turning 22 the next year. Her eyes are black colored while her hair color is black. Stacy Cruz’s Zodiac Sign is Pisces. She has been A part of various commercially successful movies throughout her career. Some of them although have performed not so well while there are other movies that have done average business.

She is seen portraying the character of a Leading lady while in some of the movies she is even seen playing the character of a supporting cast member. Some of the most famous movies and TV series that she has been a part of throughout her career are

She has filmed for a variety of European studios and sites, including, Fake Hub, Nubile Films, Hunt4K, Tushy, Private, Vixen, among others.2 Shooting scenes include different categories, from masturbation to anal sex.2 She has appeared in over 200 films.

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